Video Blogging Apps for Beginners

Become a video blogger can anyone, the main thing for this desire, enthusiasm and a little knowledge in this area. To start your video blog, a video editor is one of the basic elements. If you are a beginner and just learning to work with editing, we have prepared for you a list of simple video editors where you can hone your knowledge.

Where to start?

Not all video bloggers appeared online with excellent editing skills. People learn this gradually by practicing on the most rudimentary programs that have enough features to create a good basic video.
To understand rendering, presets, keyframe and other terms should go all the way from scratch, if you decide to immediately use professional editing programs, while never being familiar with them, it will confuse you, throw you off track and you may even have lost the desire to try to learn how to video blogging. For this, do not be in a hurry, this is the main recommendation of professionals.
We created a special list of video blogging apps for beginners to make it easier for you to decide which one is right for you.

Windows Movie Maker

The easiest video editor for beginners is Windows Movie Maker. Its main advantage is that it is free and is already built into your system, but there are cases when you have to install it. The main advantages of the program:
• It has a simple interface
• Works with a large number of audio and video formats
• Video can be easily saved from mobile devices, computers, and via email
• The program has an auto film function

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor – is a paid program that has a trial period of 7 days. You only need an hour to understand how the program works. Movari supports many formats and after installation, you are presented with a window with instructions for use.
The main advantages are:
• Large catalog of special effects (180 pieces)
• The function of adding figures and explanatory signs for video tutorials
• A nice collection of backgrounds, sounds, and videos
• Like the effect – add to favorites to always be at hand
• You can change the speed, and do it backward
• After you create a video you can use the program to upload it to YouTube
• Save your video in 1080 HD quality

Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is also a paid program that has a clear interface and many editing features. You can also take an express-training of this program to understand the principle of its work faster.
• A variety of effects, which you can also download from the program’s resource center
• There are useful features like screen sharing and picture-in-picture
• Equalizer
• You can use the “hide your face” option
• Export your finished clips to a variety of formats
• The program works with HD videos