Guitar hero – Customer Review

The old version of the guitar simulator Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock was not a great success with users, so the appearance of the new Guitar Hero has caused a flurry of excitement. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what good things have happened with the new version of Guitar Hero Simulator.

New guitar design

In the new version of the game, the image of the guitar itself has been very transformed. Instead of a childish design, it has acquired the outlines of a fairly realistic rock guitar. The noble black and brown shell and the lacquered look adds to the realism, and that’s a big plus.
Together with the design, the mechanics of the game also changed. As before we follow the sheet music on the screen and try to hit the keys in time as much as possible, but this time instead of five strings we have three, and the buttons on the contrary, now there are six.
On each string you can press two buttons, the top and the bottom one. It may seem a little complicated, but it’s worth it, the guitar hero xbox one sounds very cool. In this game, the technique of playing the guitar is as close to the original as the arcade restrictions allow.

Simulator gameplay

So, the developers have tried to make the game as realistic as possible. To do this, the company had to shoot all the concerts live with the actors in the hall and on stage!
Now we are transferred to the stage as part of rock bands unknown to us. Locations surprise with their diversity, you will be able to perform in small bars, as close to your audience, in underground bars with a cage instead of the stage, and huge stadiums. On one level you can even visit a girl’s concert.
For the whole process of the game, we are watching from the first person that is also very realistic. The reaction of the crowd depends on how you play. If you don’t hit the note you’ll see unhappy faces of fans, and if it’s too bad you won’t hesitate to shout out that you suck. If it’s great, the crowd will instantly start shouting and dancing enthusiastically.

The bottom line: pros and cons

The game Guitar Hero Live can be completed in one evening, it includes about 40 songs, but if you want more, there are more than two hundred on the manufacturer’s website. There, on Guitar Hero TV, you can join other players and compete against them.
In general, we want to say that the company Activision did a great job in the new version of the game and did not disappoint its users.
• The realism of everything that happens
• The atmosphere of real concerts
• A wide variety of music styles, from indie to electro house
• Built-in music channel
• Unbalanced difficulty levels
• Microtransaction system