Coding Vs Programming For Beginners

Programming is not a skill that can be obtained purely in an educational institution, as many might think, you can learn it yourself. But in order not to abandon everything halfway, you have to organize your actions properly. In this article, we’ll tell you where to start for people who want to learn to code.

Programming languages

Many people think that there are “better” or more advantageous languages that you should immediately start learning and that your future career as a programmer depends on the first language you learn – this is not the case. There are no best or worst programming languages, but if you want to quickly feel some progress, there are easy languages.
Also, if you already have an idea and want to get it off the ground quickly, you can start your coding studies with the language you need to get your plan off the ground. In general, it is recommended for programmers to know several coding languages, and as soon as you master one you can switch to another.
There are such programming languages:
● Swift – to develop applications iPhone
● Java – to develop Android applications
● JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 – to develop websites
● C# or C++ – to create 2D/3D games
● and many others

Appropriate learning methodology

One of the most important aspects in learning coding vs programming is to choose a coding training method that is right for you. We’ve picked up some simple techniques for you:
● Online coding courses – not everyone can handle individual training, many have to be constantly motivated by tests and homework. So if you know you have a problem with self-discipline, enrolling in a course would be your ideal option
● YouTube videos- on YouTube experienced programmers teach newbies as well as a lecture at the university. So if you have constant access to the Internet it’s a very convenient, efficient, and most importantly free way to learn to code
● Books – although it is considered old-fashioned, books have their advantage. With them, it is much easier to understand the logic of a programming language, and this is very important
● Practice – be sure to ask yourself homework, and passing from simple to more complex solve all the problems you face, thus practicing your skills

The fixation of success

When you start to learn to program you to have to set yourself up that it’s for the long haul. It is a long and arduous process and when you learn it alone your failures feel twice as painful.
In order not to lose your enthusiasm and motivation you need to record your actions to feel the progress that will undoubtedly appear. It may be slow and imperceptible, but if you don’t give up you’ll notice how you’re much closer to your dreams than you thought.