Best gaming pc to buy in 2021

How do you pick a good gaming computer at a reasonable price? What components to choose and from which manufacturer are they the most reliable? How to buy a computer correctly and what to pay special attention to? The article describes the principles of choosing a modern computer, contains the best configurations (assemblies) of budget, universal, and gaming computers of 2021, the priorities are high reliability, low price, and minimal operating noise.

Choosing a computer manufacturer

Build-to-order or PC configurator. It is advisable to order the assembly from that store or from that person who has a good reputation. Since often not all the necessary components are in stock, it is better to wait for their availability for a couple of days, and not get something “from what was.” When ordering, it is important to explain to the manager or assembler what you expect from your new computer, and not how much you expect, since an inexpensive universal solution based on AMD is usually quite enough for a 2nd-grade girl, but this option is unlikely for fans of modern games will fit.

  • Pros: The ability to choose the characteristics and design of the computer to suit your needs and taste.
  • Cons: The correct selection of components, the build quality, and the reliability of the computer strongly depend on the qualifications of the assembler.

Assembling the computer yourself

Self-assembly. It is strongly recommended to do this only if you are confident in your basic knowledge and skills of work since a person who does not have even minimal experience has a very large room for mistakes: starting from the wrong or not the quite accurate selection of a combination of components and ending with accidents like “the screwdriver fell on the motherboard and knocked off a couple of small parts.” Mistakes can easily negate the saved 5-10% of the cost of the computer, moreover, it can be problematic to return an erroneously ordered or defective product to the seller after opening the package.

  • Pros: The same as when assembling to order but at the same time the lowest possible price, as well as the confidence that “everything is assembled perfectly, as it was done for oneself.”
  • Cons: In the absence of the necessary knowledge and skills, there is a high probability of getting an unbalanced system or making critical mistakes.

Factory computer

Factory assembly (famous world or domestic brand). It would seem that in this case, it all comes down to only the question of cost since the performance in this variant almost linearly depends on the price – the higher it is, the more powerful the computer. To further simplify the task, stores often give some models labels like “Best gaming computer”, “Computer for work and study”, “Optimal computer for home”, “Best multimedia computer”, etc., and so that a potential buyer does not I had to think, they can add the label “Hit of sales of winter 2020/2021” – i.e. take and buy! Naturally, you should not pay attention to such marketing chips, and it is also advisable to understand a little about the computer device yourself before buying.

  • Pros: relative ease of choice, build quality, very often high reliability, and quiet operation.
  • Cons: inability to change the initial configuration, high price, as well as modest performance of compact computers; some models even from decent manufacturers have a very weak cooling system.